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GRPro 2.1 Control Unit
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Game Ready Pro 2.1 Veterinary Control Unit (with AC Adaptor)
GRPro 2.1 Control Unit
GRPro 2.1 Control Unit
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Product Description
Say goodbye to traditional methods for applying cold therapy to your animal's legs. No more messy and cumbersome ice packs. Now there is a much more effective and convenient way to treat injuries and support surgical procedures.

The Game Ready® Pro 2.1 Veterinary Control Unit delivers safe and optimal temperatures of dry cold therapy in conjunction with active "squeeze and release" compression. The Control Unit allows you to easily adjust temperature, pressure, and treatment time settings with just the push of a few buttons. Includes the AC Adaptor.

Note: in order to provide treatment, you must have Connector Hoses and Wraps to operate the system.

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